Colorado Blue Cliff Pheasants LLC

Veteran Owned

Family owned and operated.

Your host Brenda and Tom.

NPIP Certified Flock.

Wholesale pheasants available 2018



14030 County Road 28
Karval, CO 80823-9611

We are out of pheasants all the birds we have are either sold or scheduled to be hunted. 

Hope to see you next year. We are having a Veteran hunt on 3/24.

We want to thank everone for a wonderful year.

House available in Karval, 3 twins and full bed $40 per night includes furnished kitchen and cable.

Call and book a hunt at 719-446-5350

                                                       Preseason 2018-19 Pheasant sales hunting will start on Oct 1

                                                                          20 Pheasants 50/50 mix   $300

                                                                          40 Pheasants 50/50 mix   $600

                                                                         100 Pheasants 50/50 mix  $1500

                                       You will have a designated area to hunt in and no other area is allowed. No hunting around pens,


                                                                          12 Pheasants 50/50 mix  sold out

                                                                            3 to 4 hours time in your designated area only.

                                                                            1 - 4 hunters may share this hunt.

                                                                                  Gratuities are appreciated for guides.


                                                                           24 Pheasant 50/50 mix total cost $480.00

                                                                             4 hour max time in your designated area only

                                                                                 Gratuities are appreciated for guides.

                                                                                    1 - 6 hunters may share this hunt.    

                                                                                  Guide and dog available for extra charge.
                                                                                  Pay the guides by check or cash



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