Colorado Blue Cliff Pheasants LLC

Veteran Owned

Family owned and operated.

Your host Brenda and Tom.

NPIP Certified Flock.

Wholesale pheasants available 2018



14030 County Road 28
Karval, CO 80823-9611

Hunting is allowed only in your designated area.

Guide and dogs must be paid directly with cash or check.

Bird cleaning available $2.00 per bird.

Call and book a hunt at 719-446-5350

Adult pheasants and chukur (minimum 18 weeks old) from Karval, Colorado 80823

 Our pheasant and chukur are raised at almost a mile high. The flight pens are tall and allow the birds to become great flyers. We can deliver has few as 300 or as many as 2,000 at one time. The first 200 miles are free of charge for delivery and $1.25 per loaded mile after the first 200 miles. To recieve the following prices a deposit of $1.00 per bird must be paid by Jan 30 2018.


Sept 2018 delivery last week of Sept - $9.25 each 50/50 mix 

Oct 2018 delivery last week of Oc- $9.50 each 50/50 mix

Nov 2018 delivery last week Oct- $9.75 each 50/50 mix 

Dec 2018 delivery last week Dec-  $10.00 each 50/50 mix

Jan 2019 delivery first week Jan- $10.25 each 50/50 mix


Oct 2018 delivery first week Oct mixed sex $6.50 min order 1,000

Nov 2018 delivery first week Nov mixed sex $6.75 min order 1,000

Dec 2018 delivery first week Dec mixed sex $7.00 mn order 1,000



Contact us in Karval, Colorado, at (719) 446-5350 about wholesale birds .

                                   Call to reserve your wholesale birds for 2018 today!


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